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CNC deep hole drilling DH-600

CNC deep hole drilling DH-600


The minimum 2mm deep hole processing, suitable for processing small precision parts and mould thimble hole etc.. Small size, easy to display.

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Challenge limit, create a precedent:
Precision lead to the use of high speed motorized spindle (optional), processing diameter of up to 1 mm, the speed of up to 30 mm per minute (this is a special configuration)
Electro spindle machining aperture: 1-12mm
Motorized spindle speed: 4000-15000r.p.m.
Electric spindle machining feed rate: 10-60mm/min

626969cc澳门资料大全-ww626969cc澳门资料大全-626969bcom澳门资料大全 Process instance

626969cc澳门资料大全-ww626969cc澳门资料大全-626969bcom澳门资料大全 Material: S45C

Drilling depth: 200mm

hole diameter: 1.9mm

626969cc澳门资料大全-ww626969cc澳门资料大全-626969bcom澳门资料大全 Processing time: 7.9 minutes

Eccentricity: less than 0.09mm

Product characteristics:
• the base of the working table and the column is connected with the design, and the rigidity of the machine can be enhanced.
• suitable for small parts, mold processing, thimble, runner and medical products etc..
• small size, easy to display, processing aperture of up to 2mm.
  The main axis of the distribution is 1mm, which is the smallest of the same level.

ER40 spindle machining aperture: 2-25mm (this is the standard configuration)
• X, Y, Z travels: 600x600x600mm 
• table load: 5 tons

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Positive of CNC deep hole drilling DH-600

Side of CNC deep hole drilling DH-600
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Machine tool integrated base

Distribution spindle processing

Matching chain plate type chip breaker

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