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More comprehensive deep hole processing

Do a professional deep hole processing machine, do not meet on the limitations of gun drilling processing, precision of the seven axes machine gun drill based on introduced single drilling technology. In gun drill processing range invariant. The single drill aperture processing range up to 65mm (i.e. gun drill range 3-30 mm. The single drilling scope 18-65mm. Have a significant increase in the processing efficiency, in compatible pore size range, the machining efficiency of the pipe of the same aperture drilling than a gun drill is higher than 2 times above.

Milling tapping more powerful

Precise seven axes deep hole drilling with "horizontal CNC milling machine" similar structure, more strong bed rigid and BT50 spindle support, plus precision rotary bed and angle milling function, its superior performance, although not horizontal milling, it is worth a pound of horizontal milling. In the deep hole machining process of the workpiece, the milling process can be completed directly by the precision seven axes machine, and a clamping positioning, eliminating the need to use multiple machine tools to complete the complex work in the traditional way. In addition according to the demand investigation, usually after the drill deep hole processing need the hole with a rigid tapping, in pursuit of a more perfect performance, precision of the seven axes machine still fail in their mission, after drilling tapping only the coordinate data of the borehole is invoked again. From milling, drilling, tapping, one-stop processing, precision seven axes machine is easy and efficient.

Horizontal 360

626969cc澳门资料大全-ww626969cc澳门资料大全-626969bcom澳门资料大全 To meet the workpiece in the horizontal direction of the 360 degree of processing, precision of the seven axes machine with four axes linkage of X, y, w axis coordinate system and a axis rotation of 360 deg. solutions, whether from which angle processing, no need to adjust the position of the work piece, to avoid the secondary positioning of workpiece caused by error, and reduce the waste of time.


Double angle deep hole machining

In the field of some complex mold machining, it is often required to carry out deep hole processing in the relative horizontal and vertical angle of two directions, which is faced with two problems:
1、need to adjust the horizontal direction and vertical direction angle;
2、the gun drill processing, the processing of the end must be vertical plane.
Precision of the seven axes machine through three-step action easily solve these problems, first use the rotary table and rotary table positioning angle, local processing of end face drilling using the milling function, and then switch to deep hole processing drill mode directly, the whole process at one go.

Exclusive control system

By the precision engineer involved in the control system of the depth of customization, control system is the combination of user needs and machine tool performance, precision is committed to the complex control process in a simple way to show to the user, even if there is no deep control technology, can easily control.
Control system function:
A. user-friendly simple programming input, no need to make CADCAM programming tool.
B. automatically according to the man-machine dialogue mode operation and machining tool path.
626969cc澳门资料大全-ww626969cc澳门资料大全-626969bcom澳门资料大全 C. starting point tracking function of the starting point of reference only need to do once, then turn the table and swing Z axis, the system will automatically compensate for the same workpiece without many manual to find the reference point, to avoid human error.

Main configuration

We are committed to providing accurate and reliable, and machine tools for the integration of the control system. Our system is designed for precision machine tools and the use of optimal design, it does not rely on any other CNC system suppliers. When you call the sperm on time, we will be fully responsible for the entire machine tool.
Special keyboard:
Precision keyboard with a series of keys, including the complete alphabet keyboard and all the commonly used functions, are clearly marked, easy to use. If you have struggled to find a shortcut key, or on the screen to search for a specific feature, then you will find the precise control system is so simple, do not need to remember any code, most functions simply by a key can be achieved.

"One key" feature:
Usually requires more than one step of the operation, such as the boot and set tool bias, and now only need to press a key. Other functions, such as setting the workpiece offset, the machine tool back to zero, and the selection of the cutter can be accomplished by using one key operation command.

Multifunctional hand wheel:
Most of the machine tool's hand wheel is only used for moving axis. The hand wheel of the precision machine tool will be developed to move the cursor in other modes for quick editing procedures, changing the speed of the spindle and feeding speed, or bias of the browser, etc..

Liquid crystal display:
Machine tool configuration 10.4 inch color TFT LCD, high brightness, high contrast LCD screen provides a very wide perspective, and will not be light in the bright light. The surface of the screen is equipped with anti glare glass protected, suitable for the working environment of a workshop.

Advanced programming system:
A unique feature of the precision control system is its advanced programming system, which allows the operator to edit the program in a dual mode mode.

USB interface:
626969cc澳门资料大全-ww626969cc澳门资料大全-626969bcom澳门资料大全 Built in USB interface allows users to use USB flash devices or external hard drive.

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