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China's first DUAL screw drive seven
axes deep hole drilling & MILLING machine

Accurate strength of the company launched the first Taiwan set gun drill, drill pipe, milling, tapping on one of the twin screw drive seven spindle deep hole drilling. The industry's first dual screw drive variable angle technology, unique and novel design, so that the function and performance to achieve the perfect combination, can effectively solve the complex problem of deep hole processing. Precision seven axes machine can be called the deep hole drilling performance of the king!

7-axis drilling machine


Twin screw drive

The industry for the first time using a double screw drive angle technology, in improving the angle range of the same time also reduces the load of the screw, so that the performance of the machine is greatly improved. (patented technology)

Angle range 35%

The relative horizontal direction of the spindle head can be rotated 20 degrees, down to 35 degrees, compared to the industry to improve the angle range of 35%, can be more rapidly changing perspective, improve the operating efficiency.

Screw load 50%

626969cc澳门资料大全-ww626969cc澳门资料大全-626969bcom澳门资料大全 Due to the double screw dispersed drilling slide. The load, reducing the loss of screw motion, so as to effectively improve the moving parts of the service life, but also to ensure the accuracy of the persistent.

Stability of machine tool 30%

Double screw driven variable angle bearing platform through design innovation of science, and the Taiwan high precision roller type linear slide. The high rigidity structure can reduce the vibration caused by the rotation of the variable angle, and avoid the phenomenon that the single screw is easy to appear in the structure.

machine tool
Rotary table Germany technology

626969cc澳门资料大全-ww626969cc澳门资料大全-626969bcom澳门资料大全 Precision joint Germany's top rotary table manufacturers, production of high precision rotary table in China, the volume of the machine tool for the machine, because the need to understand the deep hole drilling.

Design of static pressure guide

The static pressure guide rail has many outstanding advantages compared with the traditional contact rail:

  • The friction coefficient is small, the pure liquid friction, the direct contact between the metal, can maintain the accuracy for a long time;
  • The movement precision is high, and it can be in liquid lubrication condition at all kinds of relative movement speed;
  • Carrying capacity is strong, can be based on the load requirements of the machine tool design, has a good anti vibration performance, running smoothly;
  • High mechanical efficiency, ultra strong lubrication, so that the starting and normal operation of the rotary table power consumption is very small.


Full closed loop grating positioning

The static pressure guide rail has many outstanding advantages compared with the traditional contact rail:

  • The position angle of the rotary table is based on the high precision full closed loop circular grating of RENISHAW.
  • The control accuracy of + 1 ", a resolution of 0.00075", 360 degree all-round monitoring.


Special order for deep hole drilling

According to the special requirements of the deep hole drilling, the specifications of the rotary table for each type of deep hole drilling, the size and weight bearing specifications are all in the pursuit of scientific and reasonable, with the machine tool as a whole with meticulous, complement each other.

Model / Project AMG8 AMG18 AMG28 AMG28L AMG38
Bench area(mm) 630×630 1000×1200 1500×1700 1700×2300 2000×2500
Bench Resolution 0.001°
Bench Weight(TON) 2 10 20 25 30

Super rigid body
High quality castings

Due to the casting vibration and has good stability, precision machine tool bed adopts high quality casting fine crafted. All bed were senior engineer of scientific structural design, according to the machine tool working conditions and metal material characteristics and casting process on the bed of the geometry and size of careful analysis, using high quality raw materials, combined with the advanced casting technology, strict control of each production process. To ensure that the internal and external quality of the ideal state, and then the two time to eliminate the internal stress, so that the casting is more durable.

Solid base

626969cc澳门资料大全-ww626969cc澳门资料大全-626969bcom澳门资料大全 Machine tool bed mainly comprises a base, a column, base to protect the stability of the bench and column of the movement, posts are to protect the drilling precision and rigidity, two do foundation for construction of machine tools, but also to ensure the machine can play a powerful performance condition. Ultra to avoid the vibration cause for single tube drilling and milling, the base and the column to the conventional design concept, the geometrical specifications bold increase, and the four Taiwan roller type linear slide rail (model: AMG38. Its stability and heavy sense of second to none in the industry.

Slide design upgrade heavy (patent technology)

According to the cutting force analysis, machine tool spindle in the processing process, in horizontal slide with the workpiece produced strong reaction. The old machine tool slide design the force distribution in the lateral side of the parallel slide, although the precise column in the four roller linear slide rail models (: AMG38, the rigid has superior performance, but according to the roller type linear sliding rail stress principle, lateral a force will not slide performance to the best state. Precision on the performance of the machine is the ultimate pursuit, in the vertical plane of the four rail added a strong roller slide, slide the front main bearing spindle of cutting force and also four rail main bearing horizontal slide out of balance force. After upgrading the feed drilling process in heavy milling and single tube when the obvious speed, accuracy and stability have been further improved.

Control system

This machine has a rich function, must be equipped with powerful control system to achieve intelligent operation. Precision with the Taiwan leading control system manufacturers SYNTEC depth cooperation, the exclusive control system, the more innovative design perfect integration into the controller. Precision original image programming, no redundant and complex code programming, simply input processing size, control seven axes machine as simple as the control of the three axes machine, to provide users with a convenient, easy to operate experience.

七軸數控深孔鉆控制系統畫面 七軸數控深孔鉆自動鉆孔畫面

626969cc澳门资料大全-ww626969cc澳门资料大全-626969bcom澳门资料大全 Optional Japan FANUC (FANUC), Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi), Siemens (Germany), Heidenhain Heidenhain preparation: in order to meet the using habits of the user to the control system, precision and the advanced control system vendors have friendly cooperation. Users can make use of the existing technology, the machine tool control technology for deeper mining.

Drilling and milling function switch

In order to achieve the real sense of the milling function, the milling cutter is directly mounted on the spindle head, instead of using the auxiliary rod between the milling cutter and the spindle head. To guide the provisional removable deep hole drilling and supporting device, avoid becoming obstacles milling spindle moving. At the same time, considering the convenience of switching between the drilling and milling functions, the precision of the company has used an ingenious design.

Guide sleeve design (patented technology)

626969cc澳门资料大全-ww626969cc澳门资料大全-626969bcom澳门资料大全 Guide sleeve in the process of gun drilling in the drilling process of the drill guide role, need to load the vibration of the drill in the processing, the rigidity of the guide set directly determines the accuracy of the deep hole processing.

Precision for the exclusive use of the square ram structure, by the hydraulic cylinder launch guide sleeve seat at the working position and avoid position switch and the operating system one button control. Square sliding pillow structure compared to the common rail line has a stronger ability of anti vibration, Phi 20mm in large aperture processing or single tube drilling performance is particularly prominent. In the position to avoid, switching speed and rigid structure design are integrated into the latest technology, in the milling processing, guide sleeve seat moved to a position to avoid a spindle can move to the top of the fixed cutter for heavy cutting; in the deep hole processing, a guide sleeve seat moves to the position of the easily gun drill processing and single drilling.

Support frame design (patented technology)

626969cc澳门资料大全-ww626969cc澳门资料大全-626969bcom澳门资料大全 The support frame mainly carries on the support to the middle part of the drill pipe in the process of gun drill. Because of the strong toughness of the drill pipe material, the small diameter gun drill in the high speed running will produce strong shaking, need to set up the support point of the drill pipe diameter of every 40 times.

For the same need to drill milling function switching, avoid the position of the support frame also need to design a reasonable. Ensure switch is convenient, the careful design of two tracks, for a period to avoid the movable track, a for the orbit of a work. In the milling mode, the supporting frame is fixed on the active track, and the main shaft is not caused by obstacles. In the drilling mode, the active track and the moving orbit can be docked, and the supporting frame is pushed onto the moving track, and the supporting role of the gun is drilled. The active track is driven by hydraulic cylinder, and is controlled by the operating system, which is simple and practical.


Single drilling system

It is well known that the gun drill is a kind of internal cooling discharge system, high pressure cutting fluid through the hollow drill pipe internal, to reach the head of the drill head cooling lubrication, and the chip from the drill pipe outside the V type groove. Gun drill is generally applicable to Phi 30mm small aperture processing, when the aperture is more than Phi 40mm, has been completely beyond the gun drill processing range, seven - axes machine fusion specializes in large aperture pipe drilling technology, as a gun drill processing technology of, a combination of the two can be swept pore size.

626969cc澳门资料大全-ww626969cc澳门资料大全-626969bcom澳门资料大全 Single drill is a cooling chip mode, and gun drill instead, cutting fluid through delegated oil from the gap between the drill pipe and the outer wall of the workpiece to enter, arrived at the cutter head for lubricating and cooling, and the chip is discharged from the inside of the drill pipe. Large aperture processing is mainly suitable for less than 20mm.

626969cc澳门资料大全-ww626969cc澳门资料大全-626969bcom澳门资料大全 The application of single machine drilling has many advantages:

  • High efficiency, is the 2-3 times the efficiency of gun drilling;
  • High machining accuracy, aperture tolerance H8-H9, surface roughness of Ra2um;
  • Carrying capacity is strong, can be based on the load requirements of the machine tool design, has a good anti vibration performance, running smoothly;
  • Wide processing range, the aperture range of 18-66mm, processing depth of up to 100 times the diameter.


BT50 spindle

To make the drilling machine can play a pure milling performance, it must meet the dual needs of light and heavy cutting. Heavy cutting is the test of the performance of the machine tools, such as machine tool rigidity, spindle size, motor power, etc..

626969cc澳门资料大全-ww626969cc澳门资料大全-626969bcom澳门资料大全 This machine adopts BT50 spindle and 18.5kw spindle motor, improve the rigidity of the main shaft and the motor output torque, can easily achieve heavy milling and single drill large diameter processing.


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