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Development course

The Chinese people's pride - the successful development of China's first "ACCURATE" seven axes twin screw angle deep hole drilling, double screw drive mode design, greatly improve the machining accuracy, positioning accuracy and repeatability. And because of the double screw design, each screw is greatly reduced, so as to improve the accuracy and service life of the machine.
Challenge limit, to create a precedent: the company successfully in the deep hole drilling machine, the first to adopt high speed motorized spindle, processing diameter of up to 1 mm, suitable for medical products and micro precision mold use.
Technological breakthroughs one by one the successful development of the may be the whole of China first "seven axes angle milling drill gold belongs to the processing machine the machine can in a short period of time swap drilling, milling, and can also be used as the processing point of view, coupled with the rotary table and movable upright column, all trades and professions complicated workpiece machining problem solving. Once again for the machine tool industry to bring shock news.
The emperor's debut one one jet drilling. Over the years the precise day in and day out spray and absorb drill design, work with quiet hard application, was born. Processing aperture by 25~120mm range. In addition to drilling and drilling in addition to the hole than the hole can be processed more than the size of the hole, there is the speed is 4 to 6 times the deep hole drilling.
Also precise will invest tens of million yuan, purchased in batches 6-8 sets of four meters five axes gantry milling occupied, to ensure independent production monitoring is done in quality control, accuracy further beyond to level from Japan and Germany. While the first four meters five axes Longmen milling machine, has been in 0 two - one year in September officially put into operation.
2009-2010 Successfully developed multi axes deep hole drilling, for customers to solve a large number of problems in the production of circular bar.
Accurate won ISO9001:2008 UKAS recognition.
Precision deep hole drilling won the design patent certificate.
Precision deep hole drilling to break the tradition, the application of 4 intelligent support for medium and large hole drilling. The introduction of deep hole drilling special accessories: bar fixture, computer numerical control indexing plate.
Development of AC servo motor high speed spark machine.
The creation of domestic distribution and service points (Shenzhen, Dongguan, Fujian, Suzhou, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Gansu, Chongqing, etc.), and other foreign Singapore distribution point.
Accurate won ISO9001:2000 UKAS recognition.
Precision deep hole drilling won the European Union CE recognition.
Development of deep hole drill, help customers to solve the problem of deep hole machining; since the launch, widely welcomed by customers, in the hot, obtained the consistent high praise.
The successful production of "parity carving" and "milling" function of high-speed computer NC milling and carving machine, only more than ten million. And once again set off a craze, and later became part of the object of peer to imitate.
The launch of the new computer gongs bed and processing center. The type of ATC-835 to more than ten million price, cheap, shock of the mold industry, the city became hot words.
The introduction of a new generation of computer digital optical fiber EDM machine, suitable for high precision machining needs.
Set up a precision machinery company, Gongming Shenzhen town to set up a production plant.
Research and development of CNC computer gongs bed operating system. The launch line of CNC cutting machine and gongs bed.
Successfully developed CNC spark machine.
Responsible for design, development and production of spark machine. Launched a series of precision digital ZNC spark machine.

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