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Brand introduction

"ACCURATE" is the Hongkong precision machinery company's deep hole drilling brand, founded in 2005, focused on the development and marketing of deep hole drilling products." "Accurate" written in the sense of accuracy, accuracy, and accuracy. Precision company will be the meaning of "Accurate" embedded in the concept of the brand, representing the precision CNC deep hole drilling machine tool quality excellence unlimited pursuit.

626969cc澳门资料大全-ww626969cc澳门资料大全-626969bcom澳门资料大全 The deep hole drilling product of "ACCURATE" is based on the three coordinate series, and the function and application of the product is continuously enriched. The six axes multi function drilling and milling machine, seven axes multi angle deep hole drilling, special machine for tube plate deep hole processing, special machine for machining parts, etc..

"ACCURATE" after 10 years of precipitation and development, its technology and quality has been widely recognized, products throughout Malaysia, the United States, Germany, Singapore, Turkey, Vietnam and other parts of the world, to get the user's high praise and good reputation.

In line with the product quality unremitting pursuit of the brand concept, "ACCURATE" conform to the development of the times, and always maintain technological innovation, enhance the user's service experience, has become China's most influential deep hole drilling leadership brand.

ACCURATE introduction

ACCURATE  introduction

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